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About Creating a Sober World Radio

The following audio files explain the purpose of CASW Radio and help prepare the first time caller to engage in the conversation to Create a Sober World.


  1.  A Context for Communication. CASW is a context for communication. That is just a fancy way of saying a circle or space in which a conversation about  being sober and bringing that state of being sober to others.

     Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Creating a Sober World

2.  The Power of Position: On page 63 of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous Bill Wilson wrote that when we took the position of have God be our manager, all sort of remarkable things happened...we were reborn. The idea had surely, either consciously or un-consciously, been borrowed from Keswick where the idea of positional truth was central to the process of producing a change in the people who attended.

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3.    Primary Purpose.  The primary purpose of the Creating a Sober World Conversation is to have the individuals and the group of persons engaged in the conversation to be sober and to share sobriety, with all others. What sobriety is, is briefly discussed.

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           The Original

         Serenity Prayer


          Reinhold Niebuhr


   God, give us grace to accept

     with serenity  the things that 

     cannot be changed,

   Courage to change the things

      which should be changed,

   And the Wisdom to distinguish

       the one from the other.


  Living one day at a time,

  Enjoying one moment at a


  Accepting hardship as a  path-

       way  to peace,


   Taking, as Jesus did,

   This sinful world as it is,

   Not as I would have it,

   Trusting that You will make

         all things right,

   If I surrender to Your will,

   So that I may be reasonably

         happy in this life,

   And supremely happy with

         You forever in the next.





4.   The Problem.  Our troubles we think,  are basically  of our own making...the alcoholic is an extreme example of self will run riot although he usually does not think so. Above everything, we must get rid of this selfishness, we must or it kills us! God make that possible. And there often seems no way of entirely get rid of self without his aid.

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The Prayer of St. Francis        


Lord, make me a channel of thy


That where there is hatred, I may

   bring love;

That where there is wrong, I may

   bring the spirit of forgiveness;

That where there is discord, I

   bring harmony;

That where there is error, I may

   bring Truth;

That were there is doubt, I may

   bring faith;

That where there is despair, I may

   bring hope;

That where there are shadows, I

    may bring light;

That where there is sadness, I

     may bring joy.


Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted;

To understand than to be


To love than to be loved.

For it is by self-forgetting that

  one finds;

It is by forgiving that one is


And it is by dying that one

  awakens to Eternal Life.